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West Chester Lock Company, LLC, 6843 Lakota Plaza Drive, West Chester, Ohio  45069 (located behind Lakota Plaza)
The term is "rekeyed". We don't actually replace the entire lock, just the internal tumblers to match a new set of keys. The old keys will never work again, ...guaranteed!
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Why is our service better than other locksmith companies?  In two words, "better value"!   Just ask our competitors if they offer...

1) Offer a full 5-Year Warranty on parts and labor
2) Replace damaged or crushed top springs
3) Install pick resistant mushroom or spool pins. FREE upgrade!
4) Use "Teflon Coated" factory bottom pins. FREE upgrade!
5) Provide 2 FREE keys for each keyed different lock.
6) Provide laser cut keys for greater durability, operation and security
7) Flush out lock cylinder to remove dirt, corrosion and oil
8) Offer FREE rekeying of the second cylinder of a double cylinder deadbolt
9) Make sure lock is properly installed and aligned with strike on door jamb
DISCOUNTS: Seniors (65) 10% off service call or labor. Veterans, 10% off
service call or labor. Senior veterans 20% off service call or labor.
LOCKS REPAIRED: Billed on a time and material basis.
We will install and repair any brand lock. Below are the two most
common brands of residential hardware we carry.
$21.95 each
$21.95 each
$35.95 each
$35.95 each
Lock Cost + Service Call + Tax = Total
Rekey to match existing house key for FREE!
660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt
Tylo Knob
Residential Deadbolt
West Chester, Mason, Monroe, Hamilton,
Fairfield, Sharonville and Blue Ash
6843 Lakota Plaza Dr
West Chester, Ohio 45069
A milage trip charge may be applied for travel outside the local service area.
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